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Target audience

The Wheel of Mental Balance is based on the understanding that mental balance is a skill that can be learned by anyone, and that mental balance is the basis for personal, human, and societal flourishing, as well as a source of harmony in the community, independent of creed, religion, or ethnicity. It has been developed by combining practical, scientific, traditional and contemporary tools to achieve mental balance.

The program is open to individuals, companies, caring professions, and educational institutions.

More specifically

  • anyone struggling with mental dis-ease, stress, pressure 
  • people with leadership responsibilities
  • for the young and old
  • for those confronted with a lack of mental balance in the work environment, or in private life
  • basically anyone who would like to learn the tools to achieve mental balance

The reason why we can confidently provide these tools is because 

  • they have been developed through an interdisciplinary and multi-dimensional research
  • some of the tools offered have been applied with great success for many centuries, and some are recently proven scientifically
  • the programs focus on the essential qualities and basic dynamics of the mental world
  • they can be adjusted to the most immeditate needs.