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The wheel of mental balance


The main purpose of the “Wheel of Mental Balance” is to develop mental balance and resilience in a modern context. It combines techniques and methods found in classical Buddhist texts, extracting the benefits of practical application without compromising the source materials. While it is based on traditional meditation practices, the Wheel of Mental Balance incorporates and builds on insights stemming from current neuro-scientific and clinical research. 

mental balance

The Wheel of Mental Balance is structured around three domains of mental activity: attention, the cognitive, and affective spheres. In order to develop mental balance, each of these three areas of our mental world needs to be explored, understood and – preferably – be well-adjusted. The program is structured so that it addresses each domain with separate exercises. This leads to a better understanding of how our mental processes work, helps us realize early when they are out of balance, and how to bring them back to balance. The Wheel of Mental Balance provides the tools that explore our mental processes and it teaches techniques aimed at creating and maintaining mental balance.  Modern scientific research has identified four components of wellbeing: resilience and the capacity to recover from adversity, positive outlook, generosity, as well as mindfulness and the ability to control attention.

The wheel of mental balance

The teachings provided within the Wheel of Mental Balance offer methods that strengthen these four elements of wellbeing, and aim at contextualizing the original use of Mindfulness from the Buddhist teachings within a larger, secular context in order to progress towards a deeper sense of purpose; to have the experience of mental balance; and to awaken to the beauty and magic of life. 

Based on a profound conceptual framework, it represents a collection of practical methods that use proven tools with the sole purpose of enabling and finding mental balance, and overcoming hindrances in the midst of our daily lives. It incorporates well-honed and proven tools, but also expands the spectrum of the application of mindfulness towards critical and important factors of the mental world, such as enthusiasm, joy, tranquility, concentration, impartiality, loving kindness (benevolence), compassion, ethics, and wisdom.


The Wheel of Mental Balance can be taught in different modules, depending on how much time is available and how deeply participants want to explore: one day, two days, three days, five days, or spaced over a period of 10 weeks. 

All modules are based either on Attention, Cognition or Affective training, and each teaching of the program completes by including all three modalities of practice and training.

Each teaching includes a theoretical part followed by a practical application. The first practices are directed towards stabilizing the mind, followed by several exercises to enhance cognitive perception and mindfulness, and ending with tools to improve affective proficiency through developing compassion and loving-kindness.